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Tribal land fight is over

Pe Sla land near Deerfield Reservoir now will be restored by four Sioux tribes.

Eight-year-old saves sister having seizure while driving

An eight-year-old girl is being called a hero for saving her sister and niece.

Convicted killer's fate uncertain after receiving death pena

Convicted killer Javier Righetti will join more 82 men on Nevada’s death row, but he may never face the penalty as some state lawmakers try to put ...

Dog Gets Prosthetic Paws

Dog Gets Prosthetic Paws

How To: Woman Escapes Trunk Kidnapping

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Thanks to a federal law passed over ten years ago, Brittany Diggs, a nursing student in Alabama was able to escape a kidn...

Woman stranded at Grand Canyon for 5 days

Woman stranded at Grand Canyon for 5 days.

London: Khalid Masood Named as Attacker

LONDON -- Police identified the man who carried out the deadly London attack as a 52-year-old man born in England. London’s Metropolitan Police ide...


What to do and not to do during a police pull-over.

Chance to live; horse lovers try to save newborn

Chance to live; horse lovers try to save newborn

Police Warn About App

BENTONVILLE, Ark.-- - Social media apps are becoming more and more popular for teenagers. But one new app has law enforcement concerned about sexu...

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